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Kushka Visits the Zoo and plush toy

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Kushka Stuffed Toys

The Stuffed toy kushka makes are really soft and are of very good quality. Your child would love to play with them.

It includes a toy and a book in which kushka visits the zoo with her friend and her parents. This book consists of all kinds of zoo animals. It is a very good and informative book.

Every baby’s fundamental right is to play with toys, and taking that away from them is equivalent to snatching away their childhood from them. Kushka manufactures really cool stuffed toys for babies.

Your Child will get entertained with the stuffed toy and knowledge with at the same time, what else does a parent need.

This is way better than the boring classroom learning. Even more informative than boring classroom lectures.

Childhood is the age where one enhances knowledge; this is the best gift you can give your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or any child in your family to help them improve their knowledge.

Kushka provides a number of beautiful soft toys for babies.


8 x 10-inch hard book

9 inch stuffed toy


  1. Good quality toys.
  2. Soft and pretty.
  3. Informative book provided.
  4. Enhances knowledge.
  5. Entertainment and knowledge acquired at the same time.

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