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Kushka the Dog Named Cat and plush toy

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Kushka the Dog Named Cat

This hardback 8″ x 10″ book is anything but a picture storybook about a dog whose name means Cat. Have we at any point heard anything as senseless as that? In this 32 page delightfully shown book we will follow Kushka in her day by day schedule of fun. This excellent white Maltese dog thinks in one way or another that she is a cat and sometimes acts in the same manner. This engaging rhyming storybook draws out the genuine character of Kushka from morning to sleep time.

The best part of this book is while being a kid’s companion in the book Kushka will also visit their home in a physical being providing the kids an all-time companionship. The book is incorporated with Kushka’s 9-inch cute cushion stuffed animal.

The cat plush is a soft stuffed animal with beautiful feathers. Soft to handle and easy to carry. The cat plush is much loved by the kids for its lightness and durability. Which makes the cat plush a must-have toy.

The book is diversely filled with varied funny circumstances surrounding the main theme. There is something to gain from each one. Have A Happy Reading!


  •         A  hardback book
  •         An beautifully illustrated book with pictures
  •         In an interesting rhyming format
  •         Incorporated  with a fluffy cushioned toy


  • Book size- 8”*10”
  • Total Pages- 32

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