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If you are looking for a warm and huggable soft toy, this stitch plush is the perfect pick for your loved one. The Kushka plush toy is an extremely adorable dog plush toy. This dog is no ordinary dog, she is the star of a comic series and is here to entertain your little one! This white, long-haired Maltese is the perfect cuddle buddy for your baby!

Kushka the Dog Plush Toy

This stuffed dog toy is extremely popular among moms and has won the mom’s choice award. You cannot go wrong with this soft and cute stitch plush made of high-quality material! It is comforting and brings a warm feeling among mons and excites the little ones. The best feature of this doll is that it is a singing toy!

It’s the perfect toy to hug to sleep. It’s made of premium quality materials and is therefore perfect for your little one to squish and play with. It is entertaining and distracting for the little one because it’s a singing toy. Toddlers are immediately drawn to the sound and colors of this plush toy and this will keep them entertained for a long while! 

 It has an adorable little pink hat and is bound to spark the attention and curiosity of the kid. It makes for the best gift this season! 


  • Toy dimensions: 9 inches. 
  • Color: White. 
  • Type: Soft plush toy. 


  • Winner of mom’s choice award. 
  • Soft and warm. 
  • Premium quality plush toy. 

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