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Are author/creators of this book available for readings and signings at bookstores, temples, etc.
Most definitely, please contact us at
Can I submit my Maccabee pictures and stories?

Yes!  Please, we LOVE  LOVE LOOOOOOOVE to see what other families are doing with their Maccabee.  Please submit pictures and stories here: (link)

Can the book and Maccabee be purchased separately?

Absolutely! We realize that some families may want to share a book but have separate dolls or vice versa.

Can THIS doll be held/touched/slept with?

Yes!  In fact, we say the more hugs you give your Maccabee the stronger he gets! It is why our Maccabee doll is so loveable.  No child wants to hug a creepy looking doll, right?

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time; we have had several inquiries however, and we will be looking into this.

Does the Maccabee “spy” on the children and/or report bad behaviors?

That depends on your family’s own beliefs, ideas and traditions. The Maccabee is a little different in every home because every family is different, right?  Personally, our Maccabee does NOT report bad behaviors because our children never, ever do anything wrong.

How can I order a Maccabee Doll for my Family?

Please place your order via our online website,

I am with a retailer, how may I obtain the Maccabee on the Mantel for my store?

Please see our section for retailers:

What methods of payment do you accept? COD? Diner’s Club?

At this point you can pay for your order with any major credit card.  We use Paypal as our credit card processing company.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to use your credit card.

When will my order be shipped? What are my shipping options?

We have a flat rate USPS shipping option.

You didn’t answer my question here, now what?