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Kushka Travels the World with plush toy

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We all know how fascinated kids might get with cartoons and fantasy-based tv shows. No sooner do they watch a cartoon, plush doll or show than they start making the TV protagonists, their idols. 

Then you may see them sway all around with the disposition of Zombie and superheroes. At first, they may seem adorable but then the overwhelming effect of those characters on your kids can infuriate and worry you. 

This is why we have brought you the most adorable and elegant animal figurine, Kushka plush doll toy. This stuffed toy dog is inspired by a series of children’s books that won Mom’s choice award. These series include many knowledgeable and fun books like Kushka the dog named cat, Kushka travels the Zoo, Kushka travels the world, all of them holds a separate place in children’s heart and do not worry if your child is not a big fan of the series as you can inspire them by this Kushka stuffed dog animal toy. This book “Kushka travel the world”, is all about the journey of Kushka all over the world, where he visits various places.

Kushka Stuffed Dog Toy 

This plush doll toy of Kushka, a white long-haired Maltese, whose pink hat adorns the appearance. The paws are beautifully embroidered with her paw print and name. It is a friendly looking 9 inches tall toy. Your kid will find it the best bedtime partner as well as a perfect idol that you would never regret, as it is one of the most exciting and informative journeys all around. 


  • 9 inches tall 
  • Embroidered paws 
  • Pink hat 
  • Long-haired 


  • Ideal for ages of three years and more 
  • Best bedtime partner

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