Streit’s Matzah Print Child’s Small Apron 14.5″ x 19″

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Children Apron

Every Child loves working in the kitchen wearing a children Apron. The Streit’s matzo print children apron is suitable for children of any age. An Apron is a need of every kid to protect their cloth from spills during eating or while working in the kitchen. This Apron will help you out in cooking, eating, painting safely.

This children Apron is made from 100% cotton of high quality that makes it kid-friendly and really comfortable to wear. Adults of all ages will enjoy wearing this Apron. This Apron comes with a street matzo print.

This Apron for kids is worn from the neck and tied with a velcro strap from the waist. This Apron is unisex. That is, it is suitable for both boys and girls. It is available in three sizes: adult large whose size is 26 X 36 inches long, an adult medium whose size is 20 X 27 inches long, Childs, small with a size of 14.5 X 19 inches long.

This kid’s Apron comes with a pocket at the front, which is helpful while keeping any kitchen tool or to hold anything.

This cooking apron is provided with a beautiful print that all children and adults will love to wear. This children’s apron is found most helpful while painting, eating washing utensils, and more.


  • Its size is 14.5 X 19 inches.
  • It has a Pocket at the center.


  •  It is made of 100% pure cotton
  •  This is available in 3 sizes
  • It has a Streit matzo print

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