Streit’s Sam the “Original” Matzo Man and Streit’s Matzah Print Pot Holder

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Matzah Singing Baby Toy is a hard, cracker-like bread eaten throughout the eight days of Passover, made from a flour and water dough that has not been allowed to rise. Matzah is usually made from one of five grains: wheat, rye, oats, barley, or spelt.

Streit’s Sam, the “Original” Matzo Man, is a singing baby toy manufacturer who sings and dances to a child-friendly rhyming song named Oy Vey! I’m Sam the Dancing Matzo Man! He is loved by children, especially during the Passovers.

A pot-holder is a piece of quilted textile made of polyester or cotton or silicone used as hand gloves when holding hot kitchen cooking equipment, like pots and pans.

Streit’s Sam the “Original” Matzo Man and Streit’s Matzo Print Pot-Holder

The set of Streit’s Sam Matzo Man with a pot-holder makes a perfect gift for the host or the hostess for the kitchen during the Passovers. The concept of adding the Matzo Man as a present along with the pot-holder is very innovative especially, for children who will surely enjoy playing with it.

The pot-holder is made of 100% cotton of high quality measuring 7’’ X 8’’.  The singing baby toy is 9’’ tall. It has three AA batteries slot. Children of the age of 3 years enjoy playing with it.


  •         The material of the Pot Holder: high-quality 100% cotton
  •         Dimensions of the Pot Holder: 7’’ X 8’’
  •         Dimensions of the singing baby toy: 9’’ tall
  •         Battery: three AA-battery slots (batteries included with the toy)


  •         Ideal kitchen accessory
  •         Soft and comfortable
  •         Machine Washable
  •         Singing toy recommended for children up to 3 years

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