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Matzah Cloth Dish Towel

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A Multi-Disciplinary Kitchen Towel

Let’s be honest; we all always want to maintain cleanliness. But as we all know, it always comes with tough maintenance. We want our house, especially the kitchen, to shine. This is why we stack too many kitchen towels, one for each chaos to benign. These many countless kitchen towels always create a heavy mess and ruffle hard to address, bringing cost efficiency to stress. The solution to our problem is a multi-disciplinary kitchen towel, which is best known as Matzah cloth dish towel.

This towel is competent enough for all kinds of work, whether as a napkin or a sheet used for drying dishes. This Matzah cloth dish towel is the most loved because of its absorbency, durability, and practical value.

 It is a beautiful towel, both presentable for a gift, and could even be used for home purposes. It is much more attractive to be a hand towel adding elegance to our home. It has striped stitched work, which makes it a unique towel for the kitchen.

This dish towel is thin enough, having a dimension of 6.6 x 0.5 x 12.8 inches with a weight of 1.92 ounces. It is manufactured by Israel gift-ware design, which provides it a soft aesthetic benevolent touch. This kitchen towel is washable by a machine, which makes it easy maintenance. It comes with a crumb-free guarantee, which makes it a desirable kitchen towel. 

This dish towel is the best choice, whether for polishing our glasses or for tidying up without clearing out our wallets. Its effective working makes it the best towel for the kitchen.


  • Soft and Beautiful
  • Awesome gift
  • Aesthetic
  • Multi-disciplinary


  • Dimension-6.6* 0.5*12.8
  • Weight-1.92 ounces

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