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    Our Concept

    “Why should I care about posterity?  What’s posterity ever done for me?”
    – Groucho Marx


    “Two Jews Walk into a Christmas Party…”

    Every once in a while inspiration hits and sometimes it is in the form of a joke. For Dave and Abra, they were laughing together with their non-Jewish but still stellar spouses as their kids reveled in a cool-as-can-be-Christmas party. They discussed their own childhood Hanukkah memories from when they were their own kids’ ages, Dave and Abra realized that their holidays were strikingly similar. They were separated by hundreds of miles, Dave grew up in the metropolis of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Abra was raised on the rough streets of Deerfield, Illinois, a suburb on the North Shore of Chicago. They were also separated by a good few years (um, Dave is 7 years and 1 day older than Abra, not that anyone is counting that, certainly not Abra as she writes this in the 3rd person). And yet, despite the differences in age and place, their Hanukkahs were almost exactly the same. There was Dreidel, there was gelt, there were latkes, sour cream, apple sauce, and copious amount of food. There were lots of loud relatives; an Uncle Morris here, a cousin Rachel there, a nana, a papa, a Bubbie, etc. And while Dave and Abra loved those Hanukkahs, they realized they had not evolved very much. Sure, there is now that awesome Adam Sandler Hanukkah song, and even a couple of Hanukkah apps, but something was missing… “How many Jews does it take to create a new Hanukkah tradition?” Well, two for sure, plus a pretty spectacular team alongside of them.